These resources are suggested for their encouragement to uphold Christian marriage as Jesus taught it.

Contents of this website as a single pdf file: Christians and Divorce

As an ebook (epub file): Christians and Divorce

A print paper-back edition Christians and Divorce: A Personal Journey - Biblical and Practical Advice is available for purchase from


Andrews, J Divorce and Remarriage: A Working Paper

Piper, John
What God Has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate Part 1 (audio, video and transcript)

What God Has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate Part 2 (audio, video and transcript)

Divorce and Remarriage: A Position Paper

Tragically Widening the Grounds of Legitimate Divorce

Rudvin, Arne What Jesus Said About Divorce and Remarriage

Rejoice Marriage Ministries - a website dedicated to restoring marriages.


On Marriage, Reconciliation, Divorce and Remarriage:

Chapman, Gary Hope For The Separated

Cornes, Andrew Divorce and Remarriage: Biblical Principles and Pastoral Practice

Heth, William and Wenham, Gordon  Jesus and Divorce
This book examines the teaching of the early church fathers: that while divorce or separation was permitted for adultery, remarriage was not while the former spouse lived.

Hughes, Selwyn Marriage As God Intended  (Highly recommended)

Harvey, Dave When Sinners Say I Do

Pawson, David Remarriage Is Adultery Unless...

Slater, Philip A Biblical Examination of Divorce and Remarriage
Recommended. A concise, Biblical and compassionate consideration of divorce and remarriage. 63 pages. Available from the author for $5. Contact the author here.

Thomas, Gary Sacred Marriage

Wingerd D., Elliff, J., Chrisman, J., Burchett, S. Divorce & Remarriage: A Permanence View

Growing In Christ - What We Need and What To Avoid (this is a website I set up to learn how we need to grow spiritually and what things can hinder or prevent growth. The principles of spiritual growth have particular relevance when we are faced with trials in life such as divorce). Download a pdf copy here.

Audio and Video

Cornes, Andrew Divorce and Remarriage (Audio) Part 1: Biblical Principles  Part 2: Pastoral Principles

Pawson, David (Video) Divorce and Remarriage